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Security and Safety Rules 

To ensure the security of all our members, the LaSalle Figure Skating Club reserves the right to refuse or cancel the registration of any skater deemed unfit to  follow  club rules  or program content due to health impairments or communication, behavioural, cognitive, physical or learning disabilities.


1.  Our coaches are:

  • First aid trained:  St. John Ambulance certification
  • Qualified:  National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) & active CFSA membership
  • Trustworthy:  “Police Clearance Check” & “Position of Trust Check”

2.  The skaters:

  • Long hair should be tied back & not hinder skater’s vision
  • Wear appropriate skating uniform.  (No jeans )
  • No loose clothing such as scarf
  • Gloves must be worn at all times
  • Mandatory helmet policy for Mini-Glace and Canskate program up to level 5  
  • Warm up and stretch before getting on the ice

3.  The skates:

  • Ensure skates are regularly sharpened.  Do not remove the toe pick.
  • Ensure skates are properly sized, and have adequate ankle support
  • Skates should be properly laced.  Long laces should not be tied around ankles
  • Dry the skate blade properly after use
  • Use skate guards for walking on non-ice surfaces
  • Remove skate guards while stored in their bag to avoid rust

4.  On the ice – Safety for all:

  • Inform the coach of any change in state of health that could impair or cause injury during the practice
  • Inform the coach if under medication
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Not drink, eat, smoke, or chew gum on the ice
  • No jewellery or accessories that easily fall off & cause injuries
  • Respect fellow skaters & not get in the way of others
  • Get up quickly and immediately after a fall
  • Not sit on the side boards.  Keep the top of side boards clear of any objects that can fall onto the ice
  • Leave the ice if there is no supervising coach or authority
  • Leave the ice promptly when the ice needs to be resurfaced, or if there are no lights (power failure).  Keep off the ice until the Zamboni doors are fully closed

5.  On the ice – Private skaters:

  • No freestyle skating during dance, and vice-versa (without prior agreement)/  (under revision)
  • No freestyle skating during skills skating, and vice-versa (without prior agreement) / (under revision)
  • Keep all side board doors around the rink closed
  • Perform spins around the centre ice area, & jumps in the corner areas, unless supervised by a coach during a lesson
  • No assembly on the ice unless requested by the coach
  • Always demonstrate good sportsmanship; be courteous
  • Leave the ice if there is no supervising coach or authority

6.  Off the ice:

  • Please check the bulletin board & web site regularly for updates, changes, and news
  • Please check the office for lost articles
  • Please accompany your child safely into the arena.  We cannot supervise your child off ice.
  • We welcome your concerns and ideas


7.  Helmet user policy :

  • All Skate Canada member clubs and skating schools who offer a CanSkate program must ensure all CanSkate and Adult CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice.  
    This policy also applies to all other Skate Canada programs, therefore anyone who lacks good control/balance when skating forward, backward and has difficulty stopping, as well as maneuvering around obstacles on the ice must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.

  • Helmet-Use-Policy  Information for-Clubs, Coaches and-Parents


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